A left-versus-right review of Paris

In Paris, people often talk about the “Left Bank” and the “Right Bank”. But is there any difference between living on the left or right bank? Well, there are definitely differences between the two sides of the Seine and that’s… Continue reading →

Is this nature’s greatest artist?

Here is a video which is worth watching several times and musing over. (Thanks to Hassan for recommending it.) It starts beautifully: “Attracting attention is an essential part of winning a mate. The world’s oceans are filled with brilliant colours,… Continue reading →

I tried to grab fog but I mist: a vocabulary and pronunciation lesson

So what does the humorous saying “I tried to grab (the) fog but I mist” mean? In this vocabulary and pronunciation lesson, we’ll try to learn what this saying means by studying a series of scenarios and real-life examples. We’ll also… Continue reading →

Geographical terms and facts

This is another post in the Russian Dolls format. In this post, we’re going to talk about geographical terms, i.e. words that describe the geographical features of the planet on which we live…

Office camouflage

Here is a FedEx commercial you can learn some English from. Watch the video and see if you can complete the questions in the English Gym…

World’s oldest art gallery: Cave of Niaux

A few days ago I visited a world’s oldest art gallery: Cave of Niaux in Ariège (18500-10500 bc). It is a huge place, which has remained almost as in the Magdalenian period. Just some small paths were made for visitors…. Continue reading →

Are you a first child? Are you a last child? Are you an only child?

Have you ever thought why some people are independent and self-confident and can lead while others are shy or cautious or never take risks? Why are some people sensitive or always trying to seek attention? Here is a theory to explain that…

London: three days, three visits

Two weeks ago, with our daughter, we were in London for three days. Each of us chose a place to visit. Emmanuelle, my wife, told us she had chosen to visit “Sky Garden”. As my daughter and I were surprised,… Continue reading →

Writing Workshop: Why oh why?

In the Writing Workshop series, we work together to improve our writing skills: to learn how to write better and more correctly in English.

Here we have a poorly written text with quite a few mistakes…

Are there any foreigners in your school?

Father: Are there any foreigners in your school?… Child: No…

Confusables 10: contractions

What is the difference between these sentences? …

Clothes or souls?

When you photograph people in colour, you photograph their clothes. But when you photograph people in black and white, you photograph their souls! ― Ted Grant, Canadian photojournalist

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