Last weekend I went to a fantastic concert by one of the greatest Iranian musician and singer, Sohrab Pournazeri. He is a member of Shams Ensemble which is a musical group performs traditional Iranian music.

But this time was different. Sohrab Pournazeri and a Spanish flamenco guitarist, Antonio Ray, gave a superb performance which was included three parts. The concert opened with some pieces of guitar solo by Antonio. The second work of the evening was some pieces of traditional Iranian music by Sohrab and his group. After a fifteen minute intermission, Antonio and Sohrab played together. One of the best parts was “Darya” (sea) which was a combination of Kurdish music and Spanish Zumba. You can listen to some parts of their work here and here.

Another interesting part of this performance was its name, Zaryab. It named after an ancient musician, “Great Zaryab”. His family was originally Kurdish; he was born in Iraq, and emigrated to Spain. There is a belief among people that he was the inventor of the guitar. He took some eastern musical instrument to the west and has had a great influence on the music world.

And at the end I should mention that the outdoor summer festival in Niâvarân Palace was a fundraising event in support for Mahak.

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