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  1. Blandine L

    I usually use the word “sofa”.
    My sofa is made of black leather.
    It has only one armrest on the lest side. It has four-seater because it has an angle shape. My sofa is quite old, and one of its seams is damaged. But I love it very much, because of its shape: it is ideal for a afternoon nap, or for reading. It is also very convenient for eating or just having a drink! Why more than others? Because of the leather! A sponge can just absorb the dirty marks and the smudges!

  2. Blandine L

    Should have I written:
    It’s a four-seater sofa?

  3. Reza K

    I would add two words to this collection: Loveseat and Day-bed.

    Loveseat: a small sofa for two people, in the past designed in an S-shape so that the couple could face each other. But now it’s just a two-seater sofa !

    Day-bed: a couch that can be made up into a bed. It usually has a wider seat, which makes it comfortable to sleep on.

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