On Sunday, I made a suggestion on the website: why not say hello to Philippe and discover the “Tourist tram” near Wambrechies?

And that’s exactly what we did. It was a sunny and warm day and we decided to walk from Lille to Wambrechies. We had a picnic on our way, with a salad and some fruits that we had prepared.

When we arrived near Wambrechies, a tram passed close to us and we had a good surprise: Philippe was driving, and Maryse and Jacques were sitting indoors.

We had a good beer on a boat in the marina and we took the tram at the stop “Vent de bise”, near Wambrechies Bridge. It was a pleasant trip to the terminus (“Marquette dépôt”). The old tram is beautiful and in a good condition, and Philippe is a good driver :-).

At the terminal, you can learn more about Amitram Society and its activity, see other old trams or listen to short stories that Philippe or one of his colleagues are happy to share with you, in French or in English!

Thank you Philippe for this pleasant discovery.