Think of as a language-learning Facebook with a plus. It gives you the opportunity to be in an English world and to communicate in English, but it also gives you pedagogic support to help you correct your mistakes and improve your English little by little.

There are 4 things you can do to have a better experience:

1. Be in touch

Visit the website as often as you can, read a bit, watch a video… It’s not necessary to completely understand everything. It’s OK if you understand only 50% or even less. Just be present in this English world and you’ll get better at understanding things little by little.

2. Be involved

Don’t just read and watch. Try to participate too. Post updates, photos, etc, and comment on other people’s posts. If you feel your English is not good enough, start by making simple short comments and in a few months it will be easier for you to participate more.

3. Use the language Gym

Don’t forget the Language Gym. It helps you learn English in a more organised way, it helps you to understand better by asking you questions and answering them, it allows you to test yourself, and it prepares you to participates in the discussions.

4. Use the contextual support

The contextual help is a powerful learning tool that will help you learn to speak and write English a lot more correctly. There are two types of contextual help:

  1. The green parts (like this) are explanations. Move your mouse cursor over them to see explanations that help you understand better.
  2. The red parts (like this) are corrections. When you make posts and comments, we read and correct them. When you see a red part, it is a mistake.
    When you read other people’s posts and comments and see a red contextual help, you know that there is a mistake. First think how the mistake can be corrected and then move your mouse cursor over it to see the correction.
    When you make posts or comments yourself, make sure to re-visit your post or comment after a few hours or a couple of days to see if any corrections have been added.

Note: If you are on a mobile device (phone or tablet), tap with your finger to see the contextual help.

Be in touch, be involved, use the language gym, and use the contextual help…

And you’ll see that, with the opportunity to communicate in English, and with our pedagogic help, you’ll improve your English little by little in a fun and practical way.