Yesterday night I have attended to a lecture about Iran: in the most part it was the economical point of view that was discussed.

The essential point  was the European Union’s position compared with the USA: Trump’s everyday new decrees against Iran because he is a populist and he wants to have a scapegoat. The economist said Europe have no to accept the conditions of the USA to banish business with Iran but they have to be strong enough to develop economic markets with the European banks. Especially in France, a lot of society i.e Eolia, Peugeot, and Renault, want to invest because the Iranian market needs a lot of investment and these societies could make money.

But more and more cars and burning petrol and the resulting pollution is a problem that both Iran and Europe face.

And no question about Ecology (water is the most important problem) and the terrible pollution in Tehran and other big Iranian towns! Europe could give good examples by new politic choices but only a few of the politicians have the courage to see beyond their political mandates. All the world is concerned about the global warming.

I know that on social networks people are concerned about this problem. The civil society have to pressure on politicians, precisely in the electoral period, like at the present time in France and Iran.