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Is this nature’s greatest artist?

Here is a video which is worth watching several times and musing over. (Thanks to Hassan for recommending it.)

It starts beautifully:

“Attracting attention is an essential part of winning a mate. The world’s oceans are filled with brilliant colours, all designed to make their wearers conspicuous. Unfortunately this small Japanese puffer fish is dull…”

And it goes on even more beautifully:

The video has subtitles but if there is anything you don’t understand, feel welcome to ask.

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  1. Jean-Marc L 13th June 2017

    Very strange…

    I think it’s a fake: if I was a fish female, I don’t think I will be interested by a geometric figure in the sand. As my eyesight are less developed than my sense of smell, I would rather appreciate the smell of a strong fish.

  2. Jean-Marc L 18th June 2017

    If i was a female fish…
    I don’t think I would be interested in a geometric…
    As my eyesight is less developed…

  3. Blandine L 19th June 2017

    I didn’t have time before to watch this video. I did it only this morning and I am very impressed by Japanese puffer fish’s artistic prowess! I hope he grabs a lot of females!

    Is this puffer fish a robot or an artist? I have no answer to the question but the nature is full of beautiful things!

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