One day, the ice-cream shop has a visitor. It is a little boy…

The shop keeper says, “Welcome! You have come to the right place for all your ice cream needs, young man!”

The little boy replies, “Thanks. Do you guys have onion flavoured ice cream?”

The man is surprised and says, “No, we don’t. Sorry!”

The boy leaves the shop…

The next day at the same time the boy comes in. The shopkeeper, out of habit, says “Welcome! How can I help you?” But then he sees that it is the boy and stops talking as he doesn’t know how to continue.

The boy says, “Do you have onion flavoured ice cream?”

The man says, “Sorry, We don’t”.

This keeps going every day for 2 or 3 weeks until the man thought to himself…”Why don’t I make onion flavoured ice cream for the little guy?” So, he stands up all night to makes make this exceptional onion ice cream, just to make the little boy happy…

The next day, the boy comes in…

“Welcome,” says the shop keeper with a big smile.

The boy smiles back and asks as usual, “Do you have onion flavoured ice cream?”

And this time the man answers happily and proudly, “Yes we do!”

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