Two weeks ago, with our daughter, we were in London for three days. Each of us chose a place to visit.

Emmanuelle, my wife, told us she had chosen to visit “Sky Garden”. As my daughter and I were surprised, she added it’s a bar, in a garden, at the top of the Walkie Talkie, a recent skyscraper. It was a very good idea because you get a wonderful view of London from there, and what’s more, it’s free! But there’s one condition. You have to book your place on the Internet two weeks in advance.

I chose a musical, Matilda, because I wanted to offer my daughter something that she liked very much. Matilda is one of Roald Dahl’s best-known stories. My favourite. A few years ago, when we went on holiday by car, we used to listen to this story, in French of course. I recommend the reading of this story. You can also see De Vito’s film adaptation “Matilda”. It’s funny. The musical is a success. It’s a clever adaptation of the novel.

My daughter, Florine, chose to visit Highgate Cemetery. We like English cemeteries because they are always disorderly. But Highgate cemetery is also know for vampires stories… Unfortunately we didn’t know the cemetery is divided in two parts. The main part was closed: you have to book and to visit with a guide. In the second part, you can see the graves of writers and artists and a famous philosophe, Karl Marx.