There are two levels of access to

Basic Membership

Basic Membership covers Comprehension (both your Listening Comprehension and Reading Comprehension skills):

  • You have access to the site content: texts, videos, discussions and explanations of difficult words.
  • You can use the English Gym (interactive quizzes and other language-learning activities)
  • You can also view the corrections and explanations on Premium Members’ posts and comments.
Premium Membership

Premium membership covers both comprehension and production. It helps you improve your Listening Comprehension, Reading Comprehension, and also Writing skills:

  • You can interact:
    You can participate in discussions by making comments. You can also start new discussions by posting new articles, discussion topics, personal updates and so on.
  • You benefit from Contextual Support:
    Contextual Support is a unique feature of this website. Your comments and posts are pedagogically supported. When you make mistakes, your mistakes are corrected, and there are suggestions to help you learn to write and communicate better and more correctly.