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How to use the expression ‘but still’

You use the expression but still when you want to say that something remains true despite what has just been said or done. Let me explain with the help of a couple of scenarios. Here is the first one: You… Continue reading →

Understanding “I wasn’t expecting that!”

Here is a romantic song that you may like. Let’s listen to it once just to enjoy it, and a second time, more carefully, to try and understand it better. You can then test your listening comprehension with the interactive… Continue reading →

Question: What are the best social hacks you have learnt in your life?

A hack is a clever solution, strategy or technique for managing your time better, or doing some activities more efficiently, or getting better results. Social hacks are techniques that allow us to be more successful in a social context, communicate… Continue reading →

A fast and easy personality test

This is another post in the Russian Dolls format. In this post, we’re going to find out what sort of personality we have by answering a simple question…

“What if North Korea isn’t crazy?” asks CNN’s Fareed Zakaria

Watch this interesting video about the geopolitical stalemate in North Korea and whether the conventional views about North Korea are correct. Mr Zakaria speaks with a clear and easily understandable accent, but if there are parts of the video that… Continue reading →

What If Women Ruled The World?

What If Women Ruled The World? That’s the title of a show bringing together actresses and experts to explore whether women can come up with better solutions to the planet’s problems than men. I absolutely do think the world would… Continue reading →

How to give your email or website address correctly on the phone

Quite often, in personal or professional life, it may be necessary to give someone your (or your company’s) email or website or blog address. This post helps you do it in a clear and correct way to avoid misunderstanding and… Continue reading →

Confusables 11: The Importance of Punctuation

Punctuation marks may be more important than you think…

A left-versus-right review of Paris

In Paris, people often talk about the “Left Bank” and the “Right Bank”. But is there any difference between living on the left or right bank? Well, there are definitely differences between the two sides of the Seine and that’s… Continue reading →

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