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All the world loves music…

A short low-quality but exhilarating video from a poultry farm somewhere in Iran…

Guided Conversation Meetup: 20150506

This is a consolidation and follow-up e-learning activity for the Guided English Conversation Meetup held on the date above. The meetup was organised and managed by Pejman HABIBI.

How rich are you?

Would you like to know how rich you are compared with all the other people in the world? It’s quite easy to find out…

The other person understands…

A language must be learnt as a language, as a skill, not as a lesson, not as a body of knowledge. A good “knowledge” of vocabulary and grammar is not of much use if you lack “the skills to use”… Continue Reading →

At kourosh’s place (after eating breaded cauliflower)

This is my friend Kourosh. He looks a bit sleepy, doesn’t he? That’s perhaps because he has eaten too much breaded cauliflower, dolma and… Language Note breaded ​covered in ​breadcrumbs before being ​cooked I love breaded mushrooms but I don’t like… Continue Reading →

Eating cauliflower

I enjoyed eating some cauliflower with the owner of this site. I can’t show you any pictures because we ate everything. There is nothing left. They were so delicious!

Starting My English World…

As a teacher and pedagogic manager of 30 years standing, I believe that the best way to learn a language is to use it, and that’s the philosophy behind this website. If it’s important to you to be able to “use” the English language,… Continue Reading →

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