Live Commentary for Thursday 23 March 2017

This is the Live Commentary for Thursday March the 23rd, 2017. Today is the 82nd day of the year in the Gregorian calendar. There are 283 days left till the end of the year. Today in history: On this day… Continue Reading →

French football and English puns

I recently read an article on the Guardian with the following title: “Monaco out to restore French football’s pride against Manchester City” The article argues that because in recent weeks French football has suffered heavy defeats, it is now up… Continue Reading →

It doesn’t get bigger than this…. at least in England…

Football rivalries, football rivalries, football rivalries… those lovely juicy encounters… shouting boisterously over a drink or two bragging how your team is going to wipe the floor with your chum’s team… In a few hours, Manchester United will be facing… Continue Reading →

Martinez is the new Belgium manager? You’ve gotta be kidding me!

When Sam Allardyce was appointed England national team manager a few weeks ago, many found it an unimaginative choice. Well, now we have a super-imaginative choice by the Belgian FA. They have appointed Roberto Martinez, the ex Wigan and Everton… Continue Reading →

As I said in a previous comment, about French patriotism, I bet that it would have grown as long as we won, and will deflate as soon as we lost. Unfortunately, we loose, and there are less flags at the… Continue Reading →

Broadcasting Euro 2016 final live from PH’s place

As Pejman’s flat overlooks Lille’s fan zone, we decided to get together to have a potlock dinner together and watch the final from the window. The place proves to be a perfect spot for a live broadcast!

How deep is your love?

How deep is your love for the sport ? I hope it is deep because when you listen to the radio, it is difficult to know what is happening in the world. Of course, there is football, but the “tour de… Continue Reading →

Congratulations to all my French friends! Yes, you have beaten Germany and on Sunday you’ll be taking on Portugal in the final of Euro 2016 at the Stade de France. Good luck for the final! PS Well, the penalty was… Continue Reading →

Why is it, I wonder, that we all feel this kinship with the underdog… I suppose that, right now, almost everybody (except for the French obviously) is rooting for Iceland. Why this love for the weaker person or team? Does… Continue Reading →

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