Writing Workshop: birthday present

What you see below is a poorly written text with quite a few mistakes: You don’t seem happy of your birthday present. Don’t you like it? What?! You wanted diamond necklace?! Who do you think am I? Bill Gates? No!… Continue reading →

Question about the relationship between tenses

I have a question: Would you please explain about how we should deal with the problem of the correct usage of tenses in relation together, or a grammer text that we can refer to when we get caught in making… Continue reading →

Confusables 9: “because” vs “because of”

What is the difference between because and because of? To answer the question, we must talk a little about conjunctions and prepositions first. A conjunction /kənˈdʒʌŋkʃn/ is a word like ‘and’, ‘or’, ‘but’, ‘while’, ‘although’ that joins words, phrases, or… Continue reading →

Writing Workshop: A nice afternoon walk

This is a re-write of a writing activity I first prepared in December 2005. Here is the text we will be working on: I did not see her until lunch-time, when she offered taking me for walk, and we spent… Continue reading →

Confusables 7: Postpositive Adjectives

Postpositive or postnominal adjectives come immediately after nouns. You will not see much of such adjectives in English as they are used only in some fixed expressions. I will give a few examples and wait for you to add more… Continue reading →

“Full”, “ful”, and “fully”…

This is a common spelling mistake which can be easily avoided if you remember that…

Confusables 4: lie or lay?

What is the difference between… They look very easy, but why do so many people make a mistake when they want to use the verbs lie and lay? So here is today’s question: What is the difference between to lie… Continue reading →

Saturday Quiz: 12 December 2016

The Saturday Quiz is an interactive review of some of the grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and usage points in the texts, videos and comments of the week, with a special emphasis on the mistakes you have made, to help you learn from your mistakes and to consolidate what you have learnt…

This is the Saturday Quiz for for the week of December the 5th, 2016….

Baddest: A grammar and usage lesson

In a joke we had a couple of days ago, we read, “Well, I went up to the biggest, baddest guy and ripped out his nose ring.”

Baddest? Is this correct English? Shouldn’t it be “worse”?

“Originated” or “is originated”?

Is it correct to say “originated” or “is originated”? Well, I’m afraid it is not as simple as that… In order to answer that question, we first need to answer a grammar question: Is “originate” an intransitive or a transitive… Continue reading →

A review of the English Walk on Sunday 4 September 2016

This is a review of our first English Walk on Sunday 4 September 2016. We had a good time walking from Lille to Wambrechies and back, including a short pleasant stop in Wambrechies… and of course we spoke a lot… Continue reading →

Long time no see!

“Long time no see” is an English greeting you use when you have not seen someone for a long time. As you can see, this is an ungrammatical expression. Its structure cannot be explained by the usual rules of English… Continue reading →

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