As we have a couple of days of vacation, I and my family decided to visit our relatives in Sanandj, the center of Kurdistan province. While we were there, we had to go to the countryside with a friend one… Continue reading →

Live Commentary for Tuesday 21 March 2017

This is the Live Commentary for Tuesday March the 21st, 2017. Today is the 80th day of the year in the Gregorian calendar. There are 285 days left till the end of the year. On this day in 1935, the… Continue reading →

Live Commentary for Monday 20 March 2017

This is the Live Commentary for Monday March the 20th, 2017. Today is the 79th day of the year in the Gregorian calendar. There are 286 days left till the end of the year. In the Persian Calendar, however, today… Continue reading →

Live Commentary for Thursday November 17th, 2016

Today is 321st day of the year (322nd in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. There are 44 days remaining until the end of the year…

Today is the Beaujolais Day. This day, which is observed on the third Thursday in November, is accompanied by heavy advertising in France and internationally. (Beaujolais nouveau /[bo.ʒɔ.lɛ nu.vo/ is a red wine made from Gamay grapes produced in the Beaujolais region of France.)

Today is also the International Students’ Day. (Do you know the origins of this day?)


“Ey Irân” in Lille

Ey Iran, ey marze porgohar (O Iran, o bejeweled land) is an Iranian patriotic song. Many consider it to be the de facto national anthem of Iran. Wikipedia has this to tell us about Ey Irân: “Ey Irân” anthem was… Continue reading →

A Concert Report

Last weekend I went to a fantastic concert by one of the greatest Iranian musician and singer, Sohrab Pournazeri. He is a member of Shams Ensemble which is a musical group performs traditional Iranian music. But this time was different…. Continue reading →

A flash of Genius: a Google Maps experiment

I am fond of walking. I don’t own a car and usually go around on foot or use public transport. If I need to go from the centre of Lille, where I live, to, say, Marcq en Baroeul (at a… Continue reading →

Isfahan: The Second Day

These are two other pictures of the tiled walls of Masjed-e Sheykh Lotfollah which was a private mosque for Safavid princes and princesses. And we ended our day with a bowl of “Ash Reshte”…

Rain in the Summer

Yesterday morning it drizzled and if you have ever been to Iran in the summer you would know how important this news is. Actually I’m going to have a trip to Isfahan this weekend and I hope this “air mass”… Continue reading →

Sangak, the most Iranian of Iranian breads

As Delaram pointed out in her comment, there are 4 common types of bread in Iran, which are, from the thinnest to the thickest: lavâsh, tâftun, sangak, and barbari. Sangak is a triangular wholewheat leavened flatbread. It gets its name… Continue reading →

Iran, Day 3 (Velenjak, Sizzling, Sangak)

This morning I went for a walk in Velenjak. My friend Hamid was kind enough to pick me up from my parents’ at 5:45 am. After passing through several highways (Tehran is zigzagged by several highways), we got to Velenjak… Continue reading →

Guess what souvenir!

I have brought Azadeh and Delaram a little souvenir from France. Can anyone guess what it is?

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