Writing Workshop: Why oh why?

In the Writing Workshop series, we work together to improve our writing skills: to learn how to write better and more correctly in English.

Here we have a poorly written text with quite a few mistakes…

Writing Workshop: birthday present

What you see below is a poorly written text with quite a few mistakes: You don’t seem happy of your birthday present. Don’t you like it? What?! You wanted diamond necklace?! Who do you think am I? Bill Gates? No!… Continue reading →

Indoor or indoors?

The difference between indoor and indoors (or outdoor and outdoors) is very simple. Without getting into grammatical analysis, here are a few examples to help you get a better “feel” for the words: How to use indoor/outdoor: I catch a… Continue reading →

Hope or wish: the ultimate usage-based guide

Learners of English quite often get confused between the words “hope” and “wish”. Here is a usage-based guide with lots of examples to help you learn how to use them correctly and naturally. But before we start, a word of… Continue reading →

Writing Workshop: A nice afternoon walk

This is a re-write of a writing activity I first prepared in December 2005. Here is the text we will be working on: I did not see her until lunch-time, when she offered taking me for walk, and we spent… Continue reading →

Tainted glory…

It takes great courage to see the world in all its tainted glory, and still to love it…

“Every day” or “everyday”?

So which one is correct: every day (two words) or everyday (one word)? The answer is that they can both be correct. It depends on the context…

Confusables 2: desert, desert, or dessert?

We have three tricky words this time. Why tricky? Because unlike the previous post, their meanings are not related in any way, and if you don’t pronounce them correctly, the result will be very confusing. I have marked the stressed… Continue reading →

Saturday Quiz: 12 December 2016

The Saturday Quiz is an interactive review of some of the grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and usage points in the texts, videos and comments of the week, with a special emphasis on the mistakes you have made, to help you learn from your mistakes and to consolidate what you have learnt…

This is the Saturday Quiz for for the week of December the 5th, 2016….

“Originated” or “is originated”?

Is it correct to say “originated” or “is originated”? Well, I’m afraid it is not as simple as that… In order to answer that question, we first need to answer a grammar question: Is “originate” an intransitive or a transitive… Continue reading →

In one of his comments, Philipp wrote: P H You sum up the British position perfectly. Economic and cultural integration is wonderful but, do we want to become part of a federal Europe? Well, the answer is clearly no from… Continue reading →

“In future” or “in the future”?

In her comment on Never give up (part 1), Delaram wrote: … This is like the story of weight lifting champions. They know that they may suffer from many joint ‎problems in future, but they continue their job until they… Continue reading →

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