Confusables: Sofa, couch, or settee?

What do you call this piece of furniture? The answer is a little complicated. Different people use different words for it…

Question: What is the ideal age gap between children?

A gap is a space or opening in the middle of something or between things, for example you may notice that someone has a small gap between their front teeth, or when you want to cross a busy street, you… Continue reading →

I tried to grab fog but I mist: a vocabulary and pronunciation lesson

So what does the humorous saying “I tried to grab (the) fog but I mist” mean? In this vocabulary and pronunciation lesson, we’ll try to learn what this saying means by studying a series of scenarios and real-life examples. We’ll also… Continue reading →

Geographical terms and facts

This is another post in the Russian Dolls format. In this post, we’re going to talk about geographical terms, i.e. words that describe the geographical features of the planet on which we live…

Writing Workshop: Why oh why?

In the Writing Workshop series, we work together to improve our writing skills: to learn how to write better and more correctly in English.

Here we have a poorly written text with quite a few mistakes…

Writing Workshop: birthday present

What you see below is a poorly written text with quite a few mistakes: You don’t seem happy of your birthday present. Don’t you like it? What?! You wanted diamond necklace?! Who do you think am I? Bill Gates? No!… Continue reading →

Hope or wish: the ultimate usage-based guide

Learners of English quite often get confused between the words “hope” and “wish”. Here is a usage-based guide with lots of examples to help you learn how to use them correctly and naturally. But before we start, a word of… Continue reading →

English in Use: putting an end to things

As you know, LC (or Live Commentary) has been a regular series on this website for some time. However, I’m starting to wonder if it’s time to drop it. LC is supposed to be a place for your everyday contributions,… Continue reading →

A Suggestion

Hi everybody I have a suggestion for the site. Why not learn some new words each day based on a book such as “504 Absolutely Essential Words”? In this way we can finish the book in one year. We can have the… Continue reading →

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