Writing Workshop: A nice afternoon walk

This is a re-write of a writing activity I first prepared in December 2005. Here is the text we will be working on: I did not see her until lunch-time, when she offered taking me for walk, and we spent… Continue reading →

Tainted glory…

It takes great courage to see the world in all its tainted glory, and still to love it…

Don’t pick a fight you can’t win: a life and vocabulary lesson

In this post, we are going to talk about some of the more common meanings of the verb pick, and we are going to learn a life lesson too! 🙂

Five-a-day? Nope, it’s ten-a-day now!

Back in the good old days, they told us that we should have our teeth checked by a dentist once a year, soon it became twice a year, and I remember my students at the Faculty of Dental Surgery telling… Continue reading →

Confusables 8: classic or classical

This one is easy as I promised. Do you remember the difference between economic and economical? Well, what is the difference between classic and classical? When you are talking about some piece of music, which one will you use? Only… Continue reading →

The Overly Attached Girlfriend: a Vocabulary Lesson

We’ll start with a meme character whose name personifies the idea behind the adverb “overly”… Yes, I am talking about the Overly Attached Girlfriend, often abbreviated to OAG, a famous fictional character and an Internet meme. So what does our… Continue reading →

“Full”, “ful”, and “fully”…

This is a common spelling mistake which can be easily avoided if you remember that…

Confusables 4: lie or lay?

What is the difference between… They look very easy, but why do so many people make a mistake when they want to use the verbs lie and lay? So here is today’s question: What is the difference between to lie… Continue reading →

Vocabulary: how to describe something big or impressive

How would you describe something big or impressive? Well, there are different ways to do that. Here are some of them… You could always use an adverb of course: Very big, really big, so big, extremely popular, highly impressive! Or… Continue reading →

Confusables 3: an “e” at the end can change a lot of things

What is the difference between… There are many words in English that will have a completely different meaning (and naturally pronunciation) if you add an ‘e’ at the end. Words like…


There is this word that I found very interesting, I have heard it a few times on TV. We all know about it, although we had no idea there was a word for it. 🙂 Phub and thus Phubbing is… Continue reading →

Confusables 2: desert, desert, or dessert?

We have three tricky words this time. Why tricky? Because unlike the previous post, their meanings are not related in any way, and if you don’t pronounce them correctly, the result will be very confusing. I have marked the stressed… Continue reading →

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