A few days ago, I decided to run the famous race of Maroilles, the 20 kilometers of Maroilles! I wasn’t very trained. Even if I run regularly, I haven’t run a lot of time in April, but instead of staying at home, I decided at 12.00 to go and discover this famous run. The weather was grey, a little bit cold but not too much, perfect for running. Let’s go! When I arrived over there, it was crowdy of runners! Almost 4.000 runners!

At the first sight, there was a very good ambience. Runners were clapping in their hands with the music, waiting for the start. I love this kind of races. But as soon as, we began to run I understood immediatly that it will not be a pleasure cruise! Too many people! As I say, I ran in the trainers of my neighbours and they were numerous! The country lanes were narrow and we looked like a flock until the 6th kilometer! Then some of us began to slow down. The country lanes were not only narrow but also rolling. My 4th right toe began to hurt me, but I contemplated the landscape, trying to think to other subjects in order to go the pain. Sometimes it disappeared during a couple of minutes. After many rises I was tired and thinking that it was enough, but I had only run 16 kilometers. The hell was not finished. What about a huge and sharp rise of 2, 5 kilometers to finish a run? Gosh! It was the first time in my life of runner that I walked. Disappointed, I stopped my timer! I finished the last kilometer running at the pace of a grand mother!

Despite of this pain, the landscapes were beautiful. It is a wooded countryside, with a water mill, with some very nice farms and fields. I recommend you to have a WALK over there. It is a nice place to visit and there is the Matisse Museum not far away.

Here is a link to the organisers’ website. (in French)

Blandin crawling to the finish line of Maroilles race… (Joking! It’s just a photo I found on the Internet and added to Blandine’s post.) 😉