In the Writing Workshop series, we work together to improve our writing skills: to learn how to write better and more correctly in English .

This is a re-write of a writing activity I first prepared in December 2005.

Here is the text we will be working on:

I did not see her until lunch-time, when she offered taking me for walk, and we spent a nice afternoon walking in the woods, and returned to house about five.

Our task for this workshop is to rewrite the text in a better and improved way.

Here are some tips about the issues we need to address:

  1. There are some mistakes in the text that we need to identify and correct.
  2. Assuming that she made her offer without being forced to or being asked by anyone to do so, can you suggest a verb other than “offer” that would emphasize this nuance?
  3. Think of other, more expressive, words to use instead of “nice”.
  4. Assuming that they walked in the woods without having a particular purpose, can you suggest a more exact word than “walk”?
  5. “…, and returned…” could perhaps be written in a shorter and nicer way.

Well, that’s it. Go ahead! Rewrite the text making any changes you find necessary to correct and improve it.