Eating cauliflower

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I enjoyed eating some cauliflower with the owner of this site. I can’t show you any pictures because we ate everything. There is nothing left. They were so delicious!

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Brigitte B
Brigitte B (@brulois)
Active Learner
4 years ago

Organic cauliflower? I often ask me where to find organic food in Iran?

Language Note

be curious and ask yourself questions about something because you are not sure and you want to know more
I wonder what we can do to help them.
I wonder if Jane and Ed will get married.

Reply to  Brigitte B
4 years ago

Sorry, it wasn’t organic!
So you wonder if organic food is available in Iran. Well, it is not found as easily as in France but yes you can buy organic food in some shops. And they are labelled organic just like in France. (And they are expensive just like in France!)

Brigitte B
Brigitte B (@brulois)
Active Learner
Reply to  P H
4 years ago

If you consider the price of tomatoes for example: sure Spanish tomatoes are cheaper BUT do you know how kilometers are necessary? And the energy? At a time where we are looking for ways to reduce carbon! And also what about the taste of a good French tomato grows just near the town. Last but not least, when we choose organic food, we don’t eat tomatoes when it’s not the season. That is… Language Note in season / out of season It’s good to buy fruit and vegetables which are in season (grown at the normal time of the year)… Read more »

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