Good and bad news about… (Part 1)

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Let me start by thanking all of you who, through your visits, comments and posts, have helped this project grow and develop.

I have good news and bad news for you. Which one would you like to hear first?

The bad one first? Oh, I see, you want to hear the bad news first and get it out of the way so that you can then enjoy the good news… Good choice!

Let’s start then… but would you like me to get you a glass of water first? I mean, it’s nothing really, nothing to worry about, nothing at all… but you should perhaps sit down before I start breaking the news? ;-)

I tell you what, let’s watch a video first, OK?

Hope you are feeling better now. Ready for the news? Here we go then…

Let’s see if I can follow some of the approaches suggested in the video. It’s difficult to mumble in a written text and I am not the apathetic type, so let’s try the empathic approach… I mean I really feel for you, I can really feel your pain… (If only you could see tears rolling down my cheeks at this very moment…). Hmm… it’s not working, is it? What about the cootie catcher approach, then? No?

OK, let’s go back to Youtube and seek further help:

OK. I think I finally know how to handle this.

Step 1 (Location): Are you in a quiet comfortable place where you won’t be disturbed? Are you comfortably seated at your home or place of work, preferably on an ergonomic chair or armchair? Good!

Steps 2 and 3 (Language and Body Language): Look, I am not going to sugar-coat this. Believe me, I used all my capabilities, but unfortunately, despite my best efforts, I was unable to continue providing access to this website for free. The free version of is no longer with us. Wait a second! I think I got this part wrong. According to the video, what I should say is, “The free version of has died”. To be exact, it’s going to die in a few days. (I know you can’t see me, but I assure you that my body language is the right one for this sad occasion.) Beta Testing Period will soon be over. I’m planning on launching the website officially on the First of May. And this means that you’ll have a decision to make about your membership… ;-)

I hope you choose to continue with your present Premium Memberships, in which case, you’ll be expected to pay a (very reasonable) subscription fee. But to soften the blow, here is our first piece of good news: I’ll happily offer you a 50% discount (on the yearly subscription) as a thank-you for being a part of this project from the beginning. This special offer will be available till the end of April. You can see the membership details here.

If, however, you decide not to pay for a Premium Membership, you are welcome to continue with a Basic Membership. Your account will remain active and you will continue to have (limited) access to the website. You will be able to view most of the site content, including the “Contextual Support” (corrections and suggestions which you can see by clicking on the words with a red or green background), and you’ll have (limited) access to the English Gym. But you won’t be able to interact (post articles, comment and participate in existing discussions, and get corrected when you do so) and you will not benefit from a discount for our guided conversation course (meetups).

Oh, I nearly forgot…

Step 4 (Leave): That’t all! You’ve had the bad news (and a bit of good news). I’ll get my coat! :-)

(What about the rest of the good news, you ask? I’ll tell you about it in the next post.)

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Blandine L
Blandine L (@blandine)
Active Learner
4 years ago

This is not such bad news because it is the result of your project!
So I am impatient to read the good news!

Azadeh H
Azadeh H (@azi)
Active Learner
4 years ago

Would you please explain the way that Iranian members can pay the subscription fee?

Reply to  Azadeh H
4 years ago

I’ll let you know as soon as I find a solution.

Jean-Marc L
Jean-Marc L (@jmalemahieu)
Active Learner
4 years ago

It’s a good news! I was a little bit embarrassed by the modest price!
Now, I ask to myself if humour is a good way to tell someone that he (or she) is going to dye.

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