Passengers… Why did they wake up?

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Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt are two passengers on a spaceship. The ship is transporting them (and many others) to a new life on another planet… but they mysteriously wake up 90 years before they reach their destination.

As Jim and Aurora try to understand the mystery, they begin to fall for each other

But there is a threat: the imminent collapse of the ship…

And then comes the discovery of Jim’s dark secret and the truth behind why they woke up…

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Dupont C
dupont c

I have not seen the movie but I think it can be a good movie because the trailer is good.

Margotte M
Margotte M

I have watched this movie at the cinema, but I don’t remember all the story. I remember that it’s a good movie, and I love actors.

Fabien G
Fabien G

I’ve not seen this movie, but it seems to be interesting.
I like Chris Pratt the actor, so I think it’s a good movie.
I don’t know why there are only two waking up, but I want to know it.

Brieuc L
Brieuc L

I’ve already seen this movie at the cinema, if my memory serves me it’s a very good movie.
I think I’m not objective because I love those kind of movies.

As I said it’s a very good film because I love the atmosphere when we are alone in a place like this.
I like this film because ,for me this film is about the place of humans in the universe and that we are at the mercy of space.


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