Learn English with me…

I can help you improve your English in a number of ways which I have explained below. You can also use Proglish’s Solution Finder to better define and narrow down your language learning needs.

1. Blended Face-to-face or Skype courses

I offer face-to-face courses (in Lille) and Skype courses, both with e-learning support.

These include general English courses, conversation courses, exam-preparation courses (FCE, IELTS, TOEIC, Bright), and scientific and medical English courses.

Contact me on Proglish.com and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible with more information. (Please remember to include some information about where you live, your level, and your learning needs in your message.)

2. Group Conversation Meetups

These conversation practice sessions are held once a week in small groups usually in cafés in the centre of Lille. We combine a fun atmosphere with some systematic work to improve your speaking skills and help you speak more effectively and more correctly in English.

3. Online & E-learning Solutions

These include:

  • This website, which is a kind of social network for learners and lovers of English, an effective learning solution I have developed to allow you to improve your English in a fun and friendly but also pedagogically oriented way. It’s very affordable, very flexible and fun to use. You’ll interact with other learners talking about your areas of interests and at the same time improve your language skills and correct your mistakes with MyEnglishWorld’s exemplary support! ;-)
  • OOLLSS.COM, which offers more structured and systematic language courses covering areas such as general English, medical English, TOEIC etc.

4. Free Solutions

If you are looking for free language-learning resources, then I suggest trying the following:

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