Pineapple and chicken dish: a quick recipe

Here is my quick recipe for a delicious pineapple and chicken dish: First, you heat and color sliced onions in a little oil in a pan. Then you add the chicken cut in dices. You can add some lardons, just… Continue Reading →

To measure or not to measure, that is the question

As I said recently in a comment, I almost never measure when I cook, and just go by the feel, smelling and tasting along the way. I simply throw in whatever I happen to have around in whatever amount that… Continue Reading →

What else can an egg-slicer cut?

An egg-slicer can slice eggs of course, but what else can you cut with it? Here is a video with some ideas…

Cooking Idioms

I have found some idioms on the net which all are related to cooking, and I want to share them here: be/put on the back burner Which means when something is temporarily not being dealt with. To memorize it, imagine… Continue Reading →

How to clean a burnt pan with no effort

Now don’t tell me you have never burnt a pan, you know… like that day when you were buried in the sofa watching a TV show… and then you suddenly felt a burning smell, turned your head and saw smoke… Continue Reading →

Bye summer!

A few days ago, summer came to an end. It’s time to jot down some nice, original and EASY recipes that I often ate during this summer. First, a salad made with rice, peaches, watermelon, melon, Swiss dried beef and… Continue Reading →

Sangak, the most Iranian of Iranian breads

As Delaram pointed out in her comment, there are 4 common types of bread in Iran, which are, from the thinnest to the thickest: lavâsh, tâftun, sangak, and barbari. Sangak is a triangular wholewheat leavened flatbread. It gets its name… Continue Reading →

As I said in a previous comment, about French patriotism, I bet that it would have grown as long as we won, and will deflate as soon as we lost. Unfortunately, we loose, and there are less flags at the… Continue Reading →

How deep is your love?

How deep is your love for the sport ? I hope it is deep because when you listen to the radio, it is difficult to know what is happening in the world. Of course, there is football, but the “tour de… Continue Reading →

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