“Wam!” “gtr, b4n!”

Do you understand the title of this post? Don’t worry if you don’t. You are not alone. Not many people understand all the intricacies of “textspeak”. Textspeak /ˈtɛkstspiːk/ is a style of writing which some people use in text messages…. Continue Reading →

Taking selfies with your (long) dead relatives

An app is being developed in South Korea that can create avatars of your dead relatives. It then lets you speak to the avatars and take selfies with them. Yet another step towards replacing the real with the fake, if… Continue Reading →

Taking selfies with the dead

Taking photos at funerals may not be new, but posing for selfies with the dead and posting them to social media certainly is. According to a report by CBC News, this has become a fad in Quebec and elsewhere, with… Continue Reading →

The man without a mask, the man with a hundred masks

Francis Debeyre is an artist who lives in Lille. He started making masks in his garden 35 years ago. He has been working for all kinds of stages: theatre, circus, dance, any other kind of performance. This Sunday was the… Continue Reading →

P’tit Quinquin, the lullaby of the children of the north

It was my friend Brigitte who first told me about “P’tit Quinquin” many years ago. We were coming back from a walk. After doing a tour of Lille citadel, we passed by Quai du Wault and walked through Foch Dutilleul… Continue Reading →

Fruit Vocabulary: Apple

In this second post from the Fruit Vocabulary series, we’ll talk about perhaps the best known fruit on our planet: apples. Apple trees have been grown for thousands of years in Asia and Europe and were taken to North America… Continue Reading →

Celebrating Australian food, culture and music in Lorient

Many cities in France have cancelled their major public events because of security concerns. Think of Lille’s ‘Braderie’ the largest flea market in Europe, Cannes fireworks, Nice’s European Road Cycling Championships…

Recently I attended a Dang Show concert

Recently I attended a Dang Show Band concert, which was a pleasure. Although I had listened to some of their songs but I didn’t know about them more. Today I decided to do some research and I found their official… Continue Reading →

Atal matal tutule

Atal Matal Tutule is an engaging children’s game with a rather nonsensical song to go with it. The children sit in a circle and the person who is singing the song, an adult or one of the children, taps on… Continue Reading →

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