Post Trump-atic Syndrome :)

Guys, I just coined the phrase Post Trump-atic Syndrome, I don’t know how, but it’s very true. It’s been 3 days now that I haven’t been watching the news. And that’s not normal for me. I had been following the news from the time the primaries started and as a dedicated follower stuck to it … Continue Reading

Mirror, mirror on the wall…

There is an old saying in English language; it says “Be careful what you wish for, you might just get it.” At this moment, the president of the US AND his staff in the white house, AND the CIA, AND the homeland security agency, AND the Republicans, AND the Democrats, AND everyone else are trying … Continue Reading

Locker Room Banter!

Those who are following the election campaigns and presidential debates know that it’s getting to unbelievably grotesque levels, unprecedented in the history of the US. When in 1992 George Bush looked at his watch to check the time in the debate against Clinton; every expert knew that that was it for the man. It showed … Continue Reading

“The Birther Movement”

A “Birther” is a person who believes that Barack Obama is not a natural born US citizen and therefore is not a legitimate president!!! Wow! This theory was so absurd and unheard of, that when it started in 2008 very few people took notice of it. But there was a man who saw something in … Continue Reading

Politics In the US

As we get closer to the election day, the polls are showing even a bigger gap between the GOP nominee and the democratic party nominee. Four years ago the GOP nominee, Mitt Romney, lost to Barak Obama in swing states where he had an advantage over Obama. So you can imagine why Trump has been … Continue Reading