The Mousetrap

A mousetrap is a small tool for catching and killing mice. It consists of five main pieces: the base or platform, the catch, the spring, the hammer and the holding bar. Of course, to attract mice, you also need some bait which is usually a piece of cheese. Here is a picture illustrating the different … Continue Reading

Isfahan in Two Days

Hi Everybody! I hope you enjoy these pictures as much as I did. What you see in them is the roof of a palace from Safavid Dynasty (about 400 years ago). The palace was actually a “harem” in the middle of a beautiful garden. They believe that it’s a part of the paradise. The roofs was … Continue Reading

Let’s go to Avignon!

In a few hours, I will be arrived in Avignon. It is a charming city of the south of the France, in Provence. There is a big and famous theatre festival for three weeks in July. It happens every year. Last July, I went to Avignon and spent two days over there, attended to 6 … Continue Reading

AMITRAM, what is it?

The word AMITRAM stands for “Society of the International Museum of Metropolitan Transport”, (in French: Association du Musée International des Transports Métropolitains). This association exists since 1968 to preserve the heritage of urban transport (trams, buses, trolley buses). It owns more than 70 vehicles from France (different areas), Belgium, the Netherlands, and Switzerland. The largest … Continue Reading