“What if North Korea isn’t crazy?” asks CNN’s Fareed Zakaria

Watch this interesting video about the geopolitical stalemate in North Korea and whether the conventional views about North Korea are correct. Mr Zakaria speaks with a clear and easily understandable accent, but if there are parts of the video that… Continue Reading →

Take a Listen!!!

It’s really interesting to follow the NEWS and jot down the new words and phrases that are made and added to the vocabulary by the media on a daily basis!!  One of these is the expression “Take a Listen” which is… Continue Reading →

Today, Saturday the second of April 2016

Today is Saturday, April the 2nd, 2016. It is the 93rd day of this leap year in the Gregorian Calendar. There are 273 days remaining until the end of the year. Today in history: Today is the day Ludwig van… Continue Reading →

Today’s strikes in France

France is facing major transport disruptions today as air traffic controllers, taxis and civil servants go on strike. Taxis are blocking access to airports and major cities across the country. Where I live, Lille in the north of France, angry… Continue Reading →

Like a beautiful painting…

A photograph of New Year’s Eve celebrations chaos in central Manchester has gone viral on Twitter and has been likened to a Renaissance masterpiece…

Media Watch 2015 11 28

◽ The BBC explains how Ireland built a cheese movement: Irish farmer Eugene Burns was so convinced of the quality of his French-style, smelly cheese that he decided to try to sell it in Paris… (More here)

Media Watch 2015 11 21

Here is a selection of news and more from all over the world: The Belgian capital, Brussels, is in lockdown over the threat of an ‘imminent’ Isis attack. You can follow the developments live here. A Saudi court has sentenced a… Continue Reading →

The Paris Carnage: Q&A

Yesterday evening’s ruthless indiscriminate attacks on civilians in Paris has brought about waves of condemnation from across the world. Here is a summary of what has happened so far, mostly taken from the Guardian and BBC reports….

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