The Ultimate English-French “Faux-Amis” Self Trainer

About this self-training test...

Before starting to use this self-training test, there are a few things you need to know:

  • This test is primarily designed for speakers of French who are learning English and want to avoid "faux amis" or false friends. It can be useful for other learners of English too, but obviously not as useful as it is for speakers of French.
  • The test covers much more than false friends. It basically covers any area in which a French person may use English incorrectly because of their mother tongue's influence. It covers different aspects, mostly vocabulary but other aspects such as grammar and usage too.
  • The test follows a natural scenario or situation-based approach. It doesn't discuss the false-friend pairs, it just shows you what English word to use in any given situation. For example, we don't discuss the confusion between the French verb "assister" and the English verb "assist". We just give you sentences and situations in which you may make mistakes because you are French and show you what English word is used in that situation, without talking about the French word, to help you learn to avoid these false friends. So everything is learnt directly in English.
  • More questions are being added to the test on a regular basis, so do make sure you come back and take the test once a month or so, both to refresh your memory and to see new questions.
How to take this test...

How to take this test:

Every time you take the test, you will see 10 questions that you should answer and then you can check your answers, see your score and find out what sort of mistakes you have made.

Simply refresh the page to get a new 10-question test. The questions will be chosen at random so each time some of the questions may be repeated.

And finally, you need to be logged in to take the quiz. If you are not already a member, you can open a free account here.

The test...

Ready to go? Good! Click on "start quiz" to start!

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Jean-Marc L
Active Learner
6 years ago

I don’t manage to write “pruneaux” or anything else for the first question.

Reply to  Jean-Marc L
6 years ago

I don’t understand why.

The following image may help:

Would love to hear your thoughts...x