Activity points, ranks and badges

Top-ten Members:

  1. Blandine L (2 662, Senior)
  2. Jean-Marc L (1 656, Settler)
  3. Azadeh H (1 230, Settler)
  4. Hassan S (1 203, Settler)
  5. Nathalie V (880, Explorer)
  6. Reza K (781, Explorer)
  7. Brigitte B (663, Explorer)
  8. Maryse D (631, Explorer)
  9. Farid A (630, Explorer)
  10. Delaram F (607, Explorer)

My English World uses a motivating activity reward system:

As you use the site, you collect points for different activities: visiting the site on the daily basis, viewing posts, completing your profile, commenting, posting articles and so on.

The site keeps count of all those and let’s you know so that you have a better idea of how actively you are using the site and improving your English.

And of course, it’s fun to have levels and badges and – who knows – one day become a legend!

Here is a description of the MyEnglishWorld’s ranking system:

meme-if-olive-oil-is-made-of-olive-then-baby-oil-is-made-ofNEWBIE: 0-99 points

I’ve just arrived… What’s going on?

There are so many strange things here?! They are so strange I’m starting to feel afraid…

Why is this all in English?!! No translation??!!! Is this a joke? OMG!!!

But if I can’t translate… then… I can’t understand… Right?!

OK, OK, let’s keep calm… I’ll be positive… let me see… what shall I do? …. Yes, I think I’ll start by reading some posts and articles without trying to understand them 100% and without trying to translate…. Perhaps after a few days I’ll start understanding things better…

meme-baby-you-mean-to-tell-me-mom-is-not-your-real-nameROOKIE: 100-499 points

So, you mean to tell me that ‘understanding’ doesn’t mean ‘translating’?! We can understand without translating?! (Are you serious?)

OK, OK, I’m starting to see what’s going on here… I’m learning my way around… I’m discovering new things, strange things…

So, no translation, a completely English environment… And it’s OK if I don’t understand things completely if I can follow the general idea, right?… It’s better to half understand in English than understand completely by translating… I think I’ll understand more and more as time passes if I am patient…

(Shall I start making comments too or is it too early… I’m not sure…)


EXPLORER: 500-999 points

OK, things are getting better… I’m learning the ropes

So I can read articles and watch videos all in English… I can use the language gym to understand the texts and videos better and build some language muscles…

And oh yes, there’s “contextual support” (if I am a premium member) which means when I post articles or make comments, it will be corrected before appearing on the website… a red shade shows a correction, a blue shade shows a comment or suggestion, and a green shade is an explanation of a difficult word or expression… Nice!

Oh, what’s that? I can even follow the members that I like so that I am notified when they post something new on the website? I tell you what, first I am going to complete my profile, and then I’ll make a couple of good comments (I know, I know, I must use complete sentences!)…

I should start thinking of posting articles too… Why not! …

Ouch!!!! What was that?! Why are you hitting me?! No, no, I’m not a criminal? What? An illegal immigrant? But I’m just here in search of a better life… no, no, I wanted to say I’m just an explorer in search of a better command of English… Ouch!!!


SETTLER: 1000-1999

I have settled down now…

I know my way around the website… I know how it works… how I can use it to improve my English little by little simply by being in a pedagogically designed English environment, by using English and by getting corrected…

It looked difficult at the beginning (and it WAS difficult) but I got used to it little by little and now it’s second nature to me…

I’m at home here… Life is good…. Cheers!


SENIOR: 2000-3499 points

I am a senior member of this website now… I’ve been using it for quite some time … I’ve become quite experienced and an independent user…

I visit the site regularly and read, watch and discuss things in English… Being in an English environment and using English on an almost daily basis has helped me improve my reading and listening comprehension and also my writing skills…

As for my speaking skills, if I live in Lille, I can attend the weekly Guided Conversations Meet-ups? (What about some online meet-ups on Skype?)

If not, I should find every opportunity to speak in English…

One last word… I am a senior member of this website now… so be careful how you talk to me… Don’t forget that you should always respect seniors…  ;-)

VETERAN: 3500-4999 points

I am a veteran user of this site…

I’ve been a very active user, seen a lot, done a lot…

You won’t believe the things I’ve read and watched here, the political views, the fun things, the sad things, the beautiful music, (cat photos?)… and the mistakes I’ve made… and how long it took me to correct some of them… but hey, that’s life!

One final word:

Always listen to us veterans… follow our lead… ’cause we have seen a lot… we know what we are talking about…


MASTER: 5000-7499 points

I have been using this website actively and intelligently for long enough to be able to call myself a MyEnglishWorld Master!

I know every nook and cranny of this website and have used all its features: the English Gym, social media features, texts and videos, commenting and posting, uploading images and what not!

I have written and commented and discussed things here you can not dream of, there are traces of me in every corner of this website…

A word of warning:

“With the master, you will not mess!!!” Bow to your master!


GRAND MASTER: 7500-9999 points

So you want me to tell you the secret of becoming a Grand Master? I worked my socks off to get to this level and you want me to give you the secret for free? Just like that?

You want to know how it all happened… the secret of all the hours and days and weeks and months that I spent… with full attention… at my computer… reading and watching and laughing and crying… (and learning English directly and indirectly)… on this website?

Well, if I told you, it wouldn’t be much of a secret, would it?

I could give you a hint though… It all starts by rolling up your sleeves and getting down to work!

And the first step of this long journey starts by… kneeling before your Grand Master and following the path!


LEGEND: 10000-19999 points

I am a LEGEND…

What is a legend, you ask…

Here is what Wikipedia has to tell us about legends:

A legend is a narrative of human actions that are perceived both by teller and listeners to take place within human history and to possess certain qualities that give the tale verisimilitude. Legend, for its active and passive participants, includes no happenings that are outside the realm of “possibility” but which may include miracles. Legends may be transformed over time, in order to keep it fresh and vital, and realistic. Many legends operate within the realm of uncertainty, never being entirely believed by the participants, but also never being resolutely doubted.

“And how do I become a legend,” you may ask… Well, one doesn’t simply become a legend… it takes patience and hard work and dedication… Ready for the journey?

And here is our present points-allocation system:

Becoming a member101
Visiting the site11 per day
Viewing a post12 per day
Making a comment35 per day
Attending a Meetup102 per week
Publishing a post101 per day
When your post is viewed by someone15 per day
When someone comments on your post15 per day
Publishing a post on your birthday! (Happy birthday!)101 per year
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