MyEnglishWorld.org can help you improve your English in a fun and practical way.

Here is the how:

What is the best choice for learning a language?

Ideally, you should go and live in England or the US etc for some years to perfect your English…

And if the best choice is not possible for me?

If that is not possible, then the next best thing is to create your own English World where you can exchange ideas and information, talk about your feelings and communicate in English in a pedagogically supported environment, so that you can improve your English “by using it”…

But how can I use a site which is entirely in English?!

And don’t worry, you won’t be alone! We will be there to help and support you…

Your role is to invent, to describe, to share your experiences, to communicate and interact in English…

Our role is to provide the environment for you to do so, to help, to explain, and to correct you, so that you learn to express yourself better in English, day by day, in a living and stimulating English World.

Tell me more about your pedagogic approach...

Our pedagogic approach has 4 parts:

First: Immersion

You will be immersed in an entirely English atmosphere…

You'll read English texts and comments and watch English videos on a wide variety of topics: news, music, cinema, cooking, arts, ecology…

Second: Production

It's about creating, about having the opportunity to express yourself and to communicate in English...

You comment on what you read and watch, get involved in discussions with other members, and post your own updates (about what's going on in your life) and contributions (on the topics that interest you).

Third: Consolidation

You will have access to our "Language Gym"...

The English Gym section of the website helps you to better understand the texts and videos, to understand grammar and vocabulary points, and to consolidate your understanding, and to prepare yourselves for better production in the future.

Fourth: Contextual Support

What's the use of posting and commenting if we just write incorrectly and read a lot of incorrect things and learn them? But don't worry! MyEnglishWorld is different. Here you are helped and corrected so that you can write better and avoid your mistakes in the future

As you post and comment, you will see that sometimes some parts of your texts get underlined in red. That's because our team reviews your texts and makes "contextual" corrections and suggestions to help you learn to express yourself better and more correctly in English.

To view these corrections and suggestions, simply move your mouse cursor over the underlined parts, or tap on them if you are using a mobile device.

We told you we would be there to help and support you! 🙂

That sounds interesting... Does this really work?
Yes, with our pedagogic support and with your effort and participation, you’ll gradually learn to use English better by using it.
OK, I'm sold on the idea. What do I do now?

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