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What can this website do for me?

You may be taking a language course at this moment or you may just want to learn a bit of English on your own. In both cases, you need an English environment around you if you want to get good results.

If you live in an English-speaking country, maybe you already have an English world around you. If you don’t, this website allows you to create your own English World where you are exposed to news and ideas in English, where you can share your experiences and communicate in English in a pedagogically supported environment, so that you can improve your English “by using it” in an environment where you are supported to use English correctly and effectively.

And that’s what does for you!

My English is not very good. Can I use a site which is entirely in English?

Imagine yourself in a foreign country when you don’t know the language well. But you will go out and you will have to survive. Perhaps you don’t understand much and feel lost the first few weeks and months, but little by little, you will understand more and more and can communicate better and better.

And don’t worry too much, there will be a lot of support to help you survive on this website.

Your role is to engage with the content, to read and listen, to challenge yourself to understand more, and to share your experiences and communicate and interact in English.

Our role is to provide the proper environment for you to do so, to help you, to explain, and to correct you, so that you learn to express yourself better in English, day by day, in Your English World.

What is your pedagogic approach?

Our pedagogic approach is based on the following::

Guided Immersion

You will be immersed in an entirely English atmosphere…

You’ll read English texts and comments and watch English videos on a wide variety of topics: news, music, cinema, cooking, arts, ecology, and you will interact with them.

But this English environment has a controlled vocabulary and grammar range to give you a better chance of success.

Interactive challenge-based learning

We don’t make it too difficult but we don’t make it too easy either. There’s always an element of challenge, a little thing that you’ll have to do.

Here is an example: You are reading a news story, but you see that one of the words in the paragraph is missing. As it is a part of a paragraph you have a good chance of guessing the word, and then you’ll click on the paragraph to see if you were right.

Contextual Support

In MyEnglishWorld, you have explanations and language points in the direct context of what you are reading or watching, so that you learn as you are reading, watching, and using the language.

For example, if you are reading a news story, the difficult words are explained at the end of the paragraph. But, you have to click in order to see the explanations. Why? Remember that we have a challenged-based approach. We want you to try and work out the meaning of the word by yourself, but of course, if you need help, then help is just a click away! :-)

And if you are a Premium Member, contextual support goes one step further. We even support you when you are writing. Your comments are checked by a teacher, who will provide you with feedback about what you can correct or improve in you comment, so that you learn to write better and get rid of your mistakes.

We also have a Platinum Membership, where you will have your own coach who will answer your question and solve your problems.

With our pedagogic support and with your effort and participation, you’ll gradually learn to use English better by using it.

OK, I’m sold on the idea. How do I start?

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