Membership Types Explained

There are 3 levels of access in :


This will give you free but limited access to the site’s content.

You can see the posts, but not the contextual support, language gym, quizzes, challenges, comments and discussions, etc.


With STARTER Membership you will have access to post contents (texts and videos). You can also benefit from contextual support (explanations of difficult words) and can see and learn from comments and discussions, English Gym (quizzes and activities), challenges, etc.

STARTER Membership helps improve your Comprehension skills (both your Listening Comprehension and Reading Comprehension skills).


As a PREMIUM Member you can make comments and participate in discussions and benefit from our extended contextual support:

Your comments are checked by a language teacher who will point out your mistakes and suggest ways of writing and communicating better and more correctly.

PREMIUM membership covers both comprehension and production. It helps you improve your Listening Comprehension, Reading Comprehension, and also your Writing skills.