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Yes, I am. In a nice way! With this challenge, you will kill two birds with one stone! You will test your English, and you will get a free account!

    Here is how it works: Answer question 1 correctly and you'll see question 2. Answer question 2 correctly and you'll see question 3... until the 10th question. Answer the 10th question correctly and you'll get a free account! :-)

    Hint: If one answer doesn't work, don't give up, try another answer, and another, until you find the right answer.

    Here is our first question:

    Good! Here is the second question:

    Of course you want to improve your English! And you are at the right place to do that! Now the third question, a very easy one:

    Now the fourth question, another easy one:

    And the fifth:

    Well done so far! Let's move on to question six:

    Question seven is about your hobbies:

    Now question eight. Be careful about this one:

    This is the penultimate question, the question before last:

    An finally the tenth question. This is the last one:

    Congratulations! You did it!

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