A review of the English Walk on Sunday 4 September 2016


This is a review of our first English Walk on Sunday 4 September 2016.

We had a good time walking from Lille to Wambrechies and back, including a short pleasant stop in Wambrechies… and of course we spoke a lot of English!

There were six of us (Emmanuelle, Brigitte, Agathe, Jean-Marc, Thomas and me) with a seventh (Marie-Christine) joining us for a drink at Wabmrechies. The eighth, Frédérique, could not unfortunately joins us as she was feeling under the weather.

You will see below a series of questions to help review some of the language points (grammar, vocabulary, etc) that we talked about. You can answer them in your comments if you like. And please feel welcome to add any points that you can remember that I have missed…

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Thomas B
Active Learner
7 years ago

Some comments:
We crossed a young man picking elderberries to make jam.
We saw two barges on the river but also many dead fish floating on the water surface.
Some of us had draft beer, some had bottled beer, and some were more reasonable/prudent and contended themselves with soft drinks.
Marie-Christine kept suggesting buying or tasting some local snails.
Near the end, we saw a child riding a scooter.

Jean-Marc L
Active Learner
7 years ago

We began the walk at 3 pm and we finished, exhausted, at 7h30. And only one hour to drink something! Nevertheless It was a real pleasure to walk the first two hours and to drink on a boat in Wambrechies.

We came across a young man picking elderberries to make jam. But just before we picked some blackberries. Yummy!

Reply to  Jean-Marc L
7 years ago

OK. Got the message! The next English Walk will be shorter! :-)

Would love to hear your thoughts...x