Golden Globes, coronavirus, documenting emperor penguins, and noisy oceans

Here are some interesting reads (and videos to watch):

Golden Globes 2021 winners – in two minutes

Your round-up of who won what at the Golden Globe Awards on Sunday night, on the BBC. Chadwick Boseman’s widow accepted a posthumous prize for the actor and more

Watch this 2- minute video.

The above video has been removed for rights reasons, which doesn’t happen often with the BBC, so here is another link which will be probably removed soon as well.

Coronavirus live news: Germany plans to extend lockdown; WHO says Covid won’t be over this year

German lockdown set to last until 28 March but some restrictions to be lifted next week, while WHO (World Health Organisation) says it’s unrealistic to think pandemic will be over this year…

Read the live news on the Guardian website

Documenting emperor penguins in Antarctica

German photographer and film-maker Stefan Christmann spent two winters alongside a 10,000-strong colony of emperor penguins in Atka Bay, Antarctica. In his new book “Penguin: A Story of Survival”, he shares some of his favourite images from Antarctica…

Read the article and see some spectacular photos on the BBC website.

Humans Are Making Oceans Too Noisy (in Simple English)

Human activity is changing the surface and temperature of the planet. But new research shows it is also changing the sound of the Earth’s oceans and seas. Scientists say the changes in the sounds of our oceans, seas, and other waterways affect many marine animals, from very small shrimp to huge whales…

Read and listent to this on VOA.

The Good Reads series provides an opportunity to read and watch real news stories and more in English.

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Louise D
3 years ago

I wanted to view the video on the Golden Globes but it has been removed for rights reasons… By the way it’s not a problem because I saw another resume. I’m so happy for the actors of the series “The Crown”! They were amazing in their roles of Diana and Charles. I heard that the royal family was furious and said it was not the way things happened… I think we would never know the truth but what is sure is that I will continue to watch and enjoy this series!

Louise D
Reply to  Louise D
3 years ago

I think I should have written
because I saw another summary.”
“I think we will never know”

Thank you for the new link!

Would love to hear your thoughts...x