You have your work cut out for you! (A review of the conversation meetup on Jan 19, 2017)

This is a follow-up and consolidation e-learning activity for the Guided Conversation Meet-up for the Intermediate to advanced level, held on Jan the 19th, 2017, in Le Rihour.

If you wish to attend future meetups, please see this page for more details and booking.

You are welcome to discuss what you liked or disliked about it or any questions you may have in the comments section below.

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Maryse D
Maryse D (@bossard)
3 years ago

I made the interactive quiz but I’m not sure it has been sent correctly.

Reply to  Maryse D
3 years ago

It hasn’t. :-)

Please don’t forget that you should answer “all” of the questions in the quiz. If you don’t know the answer to some of the questions, try to type in your best guess. If you have absolutely no idea, type a question mark (?) in the blank.

Also, please read my reply to Isabelle.

Maryse D
Maryse D (@bossard)
3 years ago

Ok, I have already read your reply to Isabelle.
So, next time, I’ll do better!!

Reza K
Reza K (@rkhazaeizadeh)
Active Learner
3 years ago

A photographic question: :)

How many light sources do you see in this picture and why? Does this picture look realistic to you? Why?

What changes would you make to make it look better if you were to take this photo?

Would love to hear your thoughts...x