Song lyrics challenge

Here are some excerpts from different songs. For each excerpt, there are two things to do: Guess the missing word or words. Tell who the song is from.

Country roads, take me home…

“Take Me Home, Country Roads”, also known simply as “Take Me Home” or “Country Roads”, is a song written by Bill Danoff, Taffy Nivert, and John Denver about West Virginia. The song has a special place as an iconic symbol of West Virginia, which it describes as “Almost Heaven”. In March 2014, it became one … Continue Reading

Understanding “I wasn’t expecting that!”

Here is a romantic song that you may like. Let’s listen to it once just to enjoy it, and a second time, more carefully, to try and understand it better. You can then test your listening comprehension with the interactive quiz in the English Gym below.

A quizzical smile

This is the first post with an experimental format that I am calling “The Russian Dolls”. The text is revealed step by step as you engage with it and answer some questions… This post is about Adele, James Bond, and more…

Young at heart

Here is an old Sinatra song about life and hope and being young at heart, a good tonic to start the days and the weeks with.