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Do you understand the title of this post?

Don’t worry if you don’t. You are not alone. Not many people understand all the intricacies of “textspeak”.

Textspeak /ˈtɛkstspiːk/ is a style of writing which some people use in text messages. It consists of abbreviations, acronyms, initials, emoticons, and so on.

Here is a page from a book used to teach English in Finnish highschools with a fun exercise to help you get better at textspeak.

Click here to see the page...

How much of the conversation do you understand? If you like to test your knowledge of textspeak and learn more, here is a quiz for you:

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Blandine L

Seriously, it was pretty hard! I did this quiz only with intuition and deduction but without any knowledges of these abbreviations. I knew only one: yolo!

Blandine L

What is the correct word? And why is the word “knowledge” wrong?


“Knowledge” is the right word but it has not been used correctly. Here is why.

Blandine L

Why??? So what should have I written? I still don’t understand…

Or maybe I have to change it entirely!

– I didn’t know these abbreviations, that’s why I did the quiz only with intuition and deduction.
– I did this quiz only with intuition and deduction because I don’t know these abbreviations.”

But please can you write my first sentence with “why”?


Your new sentences are correct.

And if you follow the link I provided and read the different examples and compare them with your first sentence you’ll see what change you need to make. What we are trying to do here it to get you to identify and correct the mistake yourself.

Blandine L

Hum, hum Pejman! You’ve didn’t provide the link in your previous post! ;-)
So your sentence had a different meaning! The meaning was, it is not the word “knowledge” but in this context it is “why” -> “Here is why.”

I perfectly know the meaning of the word “knowledge” and the way you want us to learn!

Thank you very much!

A French phrase says “You can not teach funny faces to an old monkey!”


“Here is why” means “here is why the word knowledge has not been used correctly in your post”.

Knowledge is the right word to use in this context, but the way you have used it is not correct.

And if you click on “here is why”, which is a link, you’ll be taken to the dictionary page for “knowledge” with grammar information and lots of examples which show you why the word knowledge was not used correctly in your sentence and how you can correct it.

The idea, as you have mentioned yourself, if for you to work things out for yourselves, rather than me providing answers. :-)


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