What do you do to stay in shape?

The Talking Point series provides an opportunity to discuss things in English, exchange ideas, and learn from each other.

Here is a talking point:

What little or big things do you do to stay in shape? How successful have you been? What tried-and-trusted advice do you have for someone who is out of shape and wants to get back in shape?

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Nathalie V
Active Learner
3 years ago

To stay in shape, I try to go in bed not too later. (I need to sleep about 7 hours.)

Then, I think we must practice physical exercises. I like walking, dance, fitness… But the most important for me is keeping moral!

And do you know what helps me? If I       tried-and-trusted advice for someone, I would have liked to tell him to drink less alcohol, but it’s difficult to say that to a close relative…

Nathalie V
Reply to  Nathalie V
3 years ago

A lot of mistakes!

I should go to bed now rather working work!

go to bed

not too late

So, I think we must do physical exercise. (have more physical activity, exercise more, do more sport…)

is to be in a good mood! (keep your spirits up, keep up your morale)

If I had tried-and-trusted… keep

less of alcohol drink less alcohol (or simply, drink less)

Louise D
3 years ago

First of all, in order to stay in shape, I think you have to mix sport and healthy food. Personally, I try to have a good lunch and a light supper or even nothing in the evening. About sport I have dance lessons twice a week and I try to go for a walk once or twice per week too.
And as Nathalie said it’s better to drink less alcohol but in this festive Christmas times it seems very hard!

Last edited 3 years ago by Louise D
Louise D
Reply to  Louise D
3 years ago

I think I should have written “but in these festive Christmas times it seems very hard!”

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