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What If Women Ruled The World?

What If Women Ruled The World? That’s the title of a show bringing together actresses and experts to explore whether women can come up with better solutions to the planet’s problems than men.

I absolutely do think the world would be a better place if women ruled it. I absolutely do. I think there would be different conversations…

— Vicky Featherstone, artistic director

What do you think?

Source: Manchester International Festival: Putting women in control of the world – BBC News

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  1. Philippe G 7th July 2017

    Is this a match between Trump and Merkel, between May and Putin ??

  2. P H 7th July 2017 — Post author

    I like the rather forlorn looking Theresa May standing a bit away from the others (in the photo in the BBC article). 🙂

  3. Jean-Marc L 9th July 2017

    Interesting press article.

    But the title of this article is strange. Men don’t rule the world; men rule countries. Sometimes they have the same interests, sometime but not always.

    Are the women communicate differently from the men? I don’t know. Is a conversation between T. May and with A. Merkel really different from a conversation between J. Major and H. Kohl?

  4. Farid A 14th July 2017

    In my opinion potentially women are more reliable than men for ruling the world. Merkel is really a good example of the woman for ruling the world. Of course not every woman is competent for this; those who do not want to be the female version of male politicians.

    And I would like ask you to tell us what is the origin of the painting in this post.

  5. Farid A 19th July 2017

    Thank you Pejman, it is very similar to Soviet propaganda poster which the head replaced by American woman. ????????????????????????

  6. P H 20th July 2017 — Post author

    Here is a somewhat similar poster that I found on the Internet:

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