Are you clingy?

The verb “cling” means hold onto someone or something tightly with your hands, for example when you are afraid. So a child may cling to her mother’s dress in a busy or unfamiliar place, or you may cling to something if you are afraid of falling.

In the picture below you can see some Indonesian students clinging to the steel cables on a collapsed bridge as they cross a river to get to school:

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Maryse D
3 years ago

I’m absolutely not clingy and I hate those who are like that. I prefer have relationship with people who are not too dependent.

But sometimes I’m not against wearing a clingy dress!

Maryse D
Reply to  Maryse D
3 years ago

I prefer having more adult relationship with people who are not too dependent.

As adult we have to avoid having childlike behaviours.

Nathalie V
Active Learner
3 years ago

I think sometimes it’s very pleasant to be like this clingy cat!… ;-)

More seriously, I think to be clingy with her/his girlfriend/boyfriend is very very sad.

If we trust each other, we don’t need to be clingy and suspicious. But, sometimes, getting a call or a surprise visit can be very pleasant …

Christopher U
3 years ago

I know a clingy person in my family (my half sister).
She’s only six so it is pretty normal for her.
When I’m with her, I turn myself into the clingy mode and we always hug each other.

Otherwise, I’m not clingy when I’m in a couple, but I love clingy people without the bad side.
I like to be important for someone.

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