Borrow or lend?

I quite often see my students confuse “borrow” with “lend”, but they really shouldn’t! As you will see, the difference between “borrow” and “lend” is simple and clear.

Let’s look at a simple scenario:

You have bought a new TV and now you don’t have enough money to pay your rent. So you ask your friend to give you some money and promise him that you will give back the money at the end of the month when you receive your salary.

In the above scenario:

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Nathalie V
Active Learner
2 years ago

Thanks for this pleasant quiz Pejmân! Of course, it’s because of your clear explanations! And soon, I’ll go at my friend’s home because I lent her a very important book since a long time that I would like her to give me back.

Nathalie V
Reply to  Nathalie V
2 years ago

I think I should have written : … I’ll go to my friend’s home…. a long time ago…

Would love to hear your thoughts...x