Confusables 8: classic or classical

In the Confusables series, we talk about words that are often confused with each other or other confusing aspects of the English language. This one is easy as I promised. Do you remember the difference between economic and economical? Well, what is the difference between classic and classical? When you are talking about some piece … Continue Reading


Last night I was taking photos of some tulips I bought a few days ago. I usually leave them outside on the patio when I bring them home to keep them fresh and they would amazingly last for a good 10 days before they start withering. So I brought them in last night and started shooting … Continue Reading


There is this word that I found very interesting, I have heard it a few times on TV. We all know about it, although we had no idea there was a word for it. :)

Back from vacation…

Hi everybody, I am just back from vacation, we went to Monterey in California. There is a well-known aquarium in Monterey which houses sea animals of all kinds. They pump salt water directly from ocean into their tanks to replicate the exact condition for their exhibits.  It has activities for children too; they can touch … Continue Reading

World Hello Day

I was meant to write this before, but I didn’t find the time. A couple of days ago, the title World Hello Day (in the Live Commentary for Monday November 21st, 2016) got my attention and I Googled it. Here is a summary of what I found about this day:

Post Trump-atic Syndrome :)

Guys, I just coined the phrase Post Trump-atic Syndrome, I don’t know how, but it’s very true. It’s been 3 days now that I haven’t been watching the news. And that’s not normal for me. I had been following the news from the time the primaries started and as a dedicated follower stuck to it … Continue Reading