Wanna hear some “number” jokes?

Number Jokes, as their name implies, rely on puns or double meanings related to numbers. Number Jokes usually come in two lines. The first introduces a situation based on numbers, and the second an apparently impossible follow-up.

I have selected some of the funniest (and trickiest) ones for you. Let’s see how many of them you get. It’ll be fun and we’ll learn some English together, too…

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Nathalie V
Active Learner
3 years ago

So… For more than thirty minutes, I’m thinking about these very interesting “number” jokes and I think I got seven out of eleven of them! I’m happy but still!
But I don’t understand the 4, 6, 10… And I didn’t find the answers in the last… Can anyone help me please ?

Nathalie V
Reply to  Nathalie V
3 years ago

I think I should have written:
But I don’t understand 4,6,10…
I didn’t find the answers to the last…

Nathalie V
Reply to  Nathalie V
3 years ago

I should have written:
… I’ve been thinking about these very interesting…

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