English through films: In my long life, I have experienced many ends…

The English through Films series uses trailers and film excerpts to help you improve your listening skills...

Note: This is a rewrite of an older post originally published on 2 February 2016.

Forever is an American fantasy crime drama television series that aired on ABC as part of the 2014–15 fall television season. Created by Matt Miller, it centers on the character of Dr. Henry Morgan, a New York City medical examiner who uses his extensive knowledge to assist the New York City Police Department (NYPD) in solving crimes and to discover a way to end his own dark secret.

The network (ABC) cancelled Forever after one season, saying that the show’s live ratings was the reason behind the decision. However, television critics believed that other factors explained the network’s decision as the show gained viewers who watched the show up to seven days later on their DVRs. Fans of the series reacted strongly, creating a social media campaign to save the series; despite these efforts, the series remains cancelled…

Some of you are, of course, quite familiar with Henry Morgan, as we watched some parts of the first episode in our Conversation & Film Meetups.

You can see the opening scene of Forever in the video below:

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Blandine L
Active Learner
5 years ago

I thought it would be easier!
I have only a good excuse for the seventh question: the video just stops after the word “one”. And by the way, would it be possible that’s lack one little verb in the answer you wrote in green? I would have written “but only one‘s beginning”.

Reply to  Blandine L
5 years ago

Well, yes, it’s a bit difficult, isn’t it? :-)

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the sentence:

many ends but only one beginning
many apples but only one orange
many acquaintances but only one true friend

Blandine L
Reply to 
5 years ago

So, if I understand well, in this sentence “beginning” is a noun, isn’t it?
I thought it was a verb.

Reply to  Blandine L
5 years ago

Yes, both “end” and “beginning” are nouns.

Dupont C
2 years ago

This series looks very interesting, at the beginning I thought he can travel in time because every time he looks at his pocket watch. All is good at the beginning but at the end it’s another story such as a horror story but this video makes me want to watch this series.

Margotte M
2 years ago

I think this series is interesting.
If the series was not stopped after the first season, I would like to watch the series with my sister because she loves this type of series.
I understand the people who are not happy because the series was stopped, I think if my favorite series is stopped too I would absolutely follow it up.

Fabien G
2 years ago

This is a very good series, but It’s really disappointing that they stopped producing the series.
We want to know more about Dr Henry Morgan and the secret of his immortality.
We can say during this season the Dr was a good detective.

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