Landing like a cat

Cats have a reputation for always landing on their feet, but is it true?

Yes, as any cat-owner can tell you, this is mostly true.

Cats have a natural balancing system called the “righting reflex”. This system allows cats to orient themselves and land on their feet, not always, but most of the time…

Of course the height of the fall can affect the cats’ ability to land safely.

In 1984 there was an interesting study in New York where many cats fall from open windows of multi-storey buildings every year. The average height of the falls was 5.5 storeys. Most of the cats landed on concrete and most of them survived!

And the study had an even more surprising result:

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Louise D
3 years ago

As I am a cat-owner, I totally agree with this post. Even though he’s not prepared, my cat always land on his feet! I wish I had the same agility ;-) About the expression, I have a little story about that. A few years ago, one of my friends had a very bad year. His grandma died, he lost his job and her girlfriend broke with him. As he was living with her and had no job anymore, he had (at about 30 years old) to live again with his parents. It has been very hard for him but he… Read more »

Louise D
Reply to  Louise D
3 years ago

Here are my corrections:
my cat always lands on his feet
he lost his job and her girlfriend broke up with him.
It’s been very hard for him

Would love to hear your thoughts...x