“Maybe” versus “may be”

In the Confusables series, we talk about English words and expressions that are easily confused with one another because of similarities in spelling, pronunciation, and/or meaning.

This is a source of confusion but it shouldn’t be, because the difference is clear-cut!

As usual, I am not going to provide a grammatical analysis. Instead, we’re just going to look at some typical sentences together.

Read the sentences carefully and make sure you understand them, then repeat them aloud a couple of times, play with them and try to make similar sentences (you can do this in the comments), and finally tuck them somewhere safe in your brain for future use. :-)

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Blandine L
Active Learner
7 years ago

Maybe it wasn’t a good idea to have lunch outside!
The weather may be colder than I expected.

Run 20 kilometers without a good training was maybe a good idea.
Run 20 kilometers without a good training may be difficult.

I may go to the cinema tonight.
Will I go to the cinema tonight? Maybe.

Reply to  Blandine L
7 years ago

You have used “maybe” and “may be” correctly in all your sentences. Congratulations! There are, however, a couple of other mistakes that need your attention.

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