What are the best social hacks you have learnt in your life?

A hack is a clever solution, strategy or technique for managing your time better, or doing some activities more efficiently, or getting better results.

Social hacks are techniques that allow us to be more successful in a social context, communicate better with people, have a better relationship with them etc.

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Reza K
Active Learner
6 years ago

Well, it all depends how sociable a person is. Usually the more sociable you are, the more social hacks you have learnt in your life, not the other way!!!

So it’s not hard to imagine that an introvert doesn’t know a lot of social hacks, right?

Also, it’s smart to start a conversation with a hack and continue your conversation about the other person, rather than redirecting it to only YOU and YOURSELF!!!

Damien M
4 years ago

This article defines and represents social hacks very well. I think the one I use the most, to start a conversation, is talking about a subject she likes, or talking about her or him. There is one which is also very well known, but hard to master, the diversion of the subject to reach its goal (I don’t know if it’s the right name.). We start from a subject, opposing its objective, to arrive at its final objective. By deflecting the conversation in his interest.

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