What is a lesson you learned too late in life?

The Talking Point series provides an opportunity to discuss things in English, exchange ideas, and learn from each other.

There are lessons we learn as a child, and as we grow up, we keep on learning more lessons. But there are sometimes lessons we take too long to learn…

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Nathalie V
Reply to  P H
3 years ago

Yes, people lie and some people don’t speak out of modesty or so as not to hurt. That’s another form of lying. What lesson did you keep from lie? Distrust?

Nathalie V
Reply to  Nathalie V
3 years ago

I think this sentence is correct: “What lesson did you learn from people lying? “

Reza K
Reply to  P H
3 years ago

Let me allow myself to diving just a tad into this matter of lying. People also lie because they don’t want to hurt your feelings; in other words they don’t think you have what is takes to deal with the truth. So they make that decision for you. I am not saying they do the right thing, but I think sometimes we need to look in the mirror and ask ourselves the same question: Do we have what it takes to hear the truth? Of course there are other reasons people lie which could be good topic for discussion. Language… Read more »

Nathalie V
Active Learner
3 years ago

The lesson I learned too late is not to put off until tomorrow what we can do the same day. I lost a friend like that…

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