What unrealistic things in movies really annoy you?

  • 9th November 2020
  • P H
  • Updated 26th Nov 2020 by P H

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We have all been there. Whether you are a film buff or an occasional movie watcher, there are some common unrealistic things in movies that kill the magic and leave you frustrated…

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Reza K
Reza K (@rkhazaeizadeh)
Active Learner
18 days ago

Movies are in my opinion the epic of humans’ achievement on how to capture hearts, bring joy or sorrow to homes, and create or destroy an ideology. When TVs became cheap enough to be at every household on the land, movies started crawling into people’s homes in the farthest corners of nowhere! What always pisses me off is how they play with people’s emotions and their dearest and nearest values and dreams. It sounds like this form of media creates a world that feeds into people’s fantasies of life and love and forms new ideas and emotions that are way… Read more »

Louise D
Louise D (@dlouise)
12 days ago

It’s not really an unrealistic thing but I can’t stop myself yelling at some people in horror films. We all know that if you and your friends are in a scary situation, you should never separate!! But every time I watch horror movies, they ALWAYS decide to go their separate ways… And finally they all die!

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